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Welcome to the Grogalizer

Now including recipes from Smuggler's Cove!
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The Grogalizer is your key to unlocking the power of Beachbum Berry's tropical Tiki drink recipe books. How many times have you thumbed through them looking for a drink you can make with what is in your bar? Wondered if a recipe is good? Looked for something you never made before? Let The Grogalizer figure all that out for you!

Enter your ingredients on hand and see what you can make. Grade the drinks you try and track your progress through the books. See other people's notes on the recipes to get tips for better cocktails. Grade the recipe to help you and others decide what to make next time.

The Grogalizer is a time saver and a luau party planner.

Also included in the recipes are the Tiki Central Drink Contest winners, Basement Kahuna's secret recipes and other treasures (see the recipe comments for instructions). You'll also find resources for buying hard to find ingredients.

This is the Tiki Bar's best friend, and the Tiki barman (or woman)!

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